Long Term Evolution (LTE) Tutorials

LTE video tutorial

LTE physical layer

Introduction to LTE architecture

LTE network architecture

E-UTRAN user plance protocol stack

EPS architecture overview

This excellent video by Russell DeLong covers the EPS in detail. The topics covered here are:

Terminology clarifications for "4G LTE" and the EPS.

Overview of each component of EPS. Russell walks you through the role of the MME, the S-GW and the P-GW.

Overview of each logical connection between each component on the EPS.

LTE channels and protocol layers

LTE physical layer presentation

LTE signal visualization

LTE signal demonstration

LTE/LTE Advanced Networks - special issue

EPC Videos


MME by chrisreece


S-GW by chrisreece


P-GW by chrisreece


HSS by chrisreece

Voice over LTE

VoLTE video tutorial

Circuit switched fallback in LTE

LTE & Voice by chrisreece

Many networks use circuit switched fallback for setting up voice. When an LTE user makes a voice call, the mobile falls back to to UMTS. Pros and cons of CS fallback are also discussed.

Introduction to IMS

IMS will increasingly play a bigger role in next generation IP services. IMS will start with voice and move over to other services. IMS components and their interactions with LTE and voice networks are discussed.