LTE physical layer videos

LTE protocol structure and architecture

This video provides a basic introduction to LTE. Basic principles of OFDM, SC-FDMA, shared channel transmission, channel dependent scheduling and Hybrid-ARQ are covered. Multi-antenna support and Inter-cell interference coordination are also introduced. The LTE Core Network architecture and standard interfaces are also covered. Finally, we look at the protocol architecture and the various channel types supported in LTE.

downlink structure, reference signals and MIMO

Downlink transmission and frame structure are described in detail. The topics covered are: (1) Downlink OFDM and CP (2) DL-SCH processing (coding, scrambling and modulation) (3) Circular buffer rate matching used in HARQ (4) Downlink cell and UE specific reference signals (5) Resource blocks (6) Multi-antenna transmission modes (diversity, beam forming and multi-layer tx) (7) Discussion on UE categories.

downlink control signaling

LTE downlink control signaling topics covered in this video (1) PCFICH (2) PHICH (3) PDCCH (4) DCI formats (5) PDCCH processing and mapping (6) DCI blind decode (7) Resource block signaling (8) Control on PU-SCH.

uplink SC-FDMA, reference signals and control signaling

LTE uplink topics covered here are: (1) SC-FDMA and CP (2) DFT precoding (3) Resource block mapping (4) Uplink reference signals (5) Zadoff-Chu sequences (6) Hybrid ARQ signaling (7) PUCCH formats (8) PUCCH resources.

TDD and half duplex FDD

Topics covered: (1) FDD and TDD explained (2) TDD guard period (3) Half duplex FDD.

transmission procedures

Topics explored: (1) Uplink power control (2) PUCCH uplink power control (3) PU-SCH uplink power control (4) Inter cell interference coordination (5) Hybrid ARQ with soft combining (6) Adaptive uplink retransmissions (7) Hybrid ARQ in TDD (8) Hybrid ARQ and RLC interactions (9) RLC (10) Scheduling (11) Uplink priority handling (12) Scheduling request (13) Buffer status report.

cell search, SI and random access procedure

Topics covered: (1) Cell search (2) Synchronization signals (PSS and SSS) (3) System information (MIB and SIB) (4) MIB on BCH (5) Random access procedure - preamble transmission, random access response and contention resolution