download a 45-day free trial

1. Download the VisualEther prerequisites installer.

2. Run the prerequisites installer to install .NET 4.7 and Sumatra PDF.

            * If your machine is already running .NET 4.0 or greater, you can skip the prerequisite installation and just install Sumatra PDF (download link).

3. Download the VisualEther+EventStudio combo installer.

4. Run the combo installer to install VisualEther+EventStudio.

download details

VisualEther 7.1.0 + EventStudio 7.1.0 • 7.8 MB • June 25, 2017

Pentium class processor running Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7.

20 MB disk space

Microsoft .NET 4 or greater is required (installed with prerequisites)

Wireshark (download)

EventStudio Visual Studio Code Extension may be optionally downloaded if editing of the generated diagrams is required.

user manual

wireshark to sequence diagram - visualether user manual